All effects of Nature are only mathematical consequences of a small number of immutable laws.
- P. S. Laplace

GE/AY 133 Formation and Evolution of Planetary Systems

This class is part of the planetary science core curriculum and broadly covers aspects of astrophysical disk theory, planet formation theory, and early solar system evolution. 

Professors: Konstantin Batygin & Heather Knutson

Required Text: Astrophysics of Planet Formation (2010) by P. Armitage

next offered: spring 2018

GE/AY 137 - Planetary Physics

This elective class presents a rigorous account of orbital dynamics of planetary systems, Hamiltonian perturbation theory, as well as aspects of chaos theory and tidal theory. 

Professor: Konstantin Batygin

Required Text: Solar System Dynamics (1999) by C. Murray & S. Dermott and
Modern Celestial Mechanics:  (2002) by A. Morbidelli (pdf here)

next offered: winter 2018

GE/AY 198 - Extrasolar Planets

This elective seminar-style class presents an overview of the current state-of-the-art in exoplanet detection methods, observations, and their theoretical interpretations. 

Professor: Konstantin Batygin, Dimitri Mawet, Lynne Hillenbrand, Andrew Howard

Required Text: Exoplanets (2010) ed. by S. Seager 

next offered: spring 2018