GE/AY 137 Planetary Physics

All effects of Nature are only mathematical consequences of a small number of immutable laws.

- P. S. Laplace


Solar System Dynamics (1999) by C. Murray & S. Dermott

Modern Celestial Mechanics: Aspects of Solar System Dynamics (2002) by A. Morbidelli (pdf)

Reading 1: Chapter 1 of Morby's book
Homework set 1:  HW1.pdf (due Jan 21)
Mathematica example: Hamiltonian.nb

Reading 2: Chapter 2 of MD99
Homework set 2: HW2.pdf (due Jan 28)

Reading 3: Chapters 4+5 of MD99
Homework set 3: HW3.pdf (due Feb 6)

Reading 4: Chapters 7+8 of MD99
Homework set 4: HW4.pdf (due at end of term)